Redundant cabinet Railroad

Permanent central energy sources type AEBR 48V – SNCF
Lead batteries, with gas recombination
Generalities :
The permanent power sources (type B) are power supply cabinets made up of a rectifier-charger, and a battery of accumulators.

In the presence of the normal power supply, the rectifier-charger simultaneously provides the current which supplies, permanently, the emergency lighting circuits and ensures the charge and the maintenance in charge of the associated battery.
If the normal power supply disappears, the battery restores the energy stored during the charge and supplies, alone, the current necessary to continue to supply the operating circuits for at least 1 hour.


In front of the equipment :
An ammeter of reading of the current delivered, by the source, in the circuits of use.
A voltmeter for measuring the voltage delivered simultaneously to the battery terminals and to the circuits.
A “High Voltage” indicator light to warn of a risk of overcharging the battery.
A push-button for acknowledging the memorization of the “High Voltage” fault.
A fuse melting indicator: this lights up when one of the mains or charger fuses is faulty.
An indicator for the absence of a mains supply: when the mains supply is absent, the red indicator on the front panel lights up.
An emergency power indicator: In the event of a mains failure, the battery will provide power for the use, the indicator lights up.
A charging fault indicator: The indicator lights up when the regulation system is faulty, i.e. when the charging voltage is too low to charge the battery properly.
An insulation fault indicator.
An LED test push button : allows to check the operation of the indicators.
An insulation fault test switch: allows you to test the proper functioning of your installation.
At a distance :
Fault synthesis terminals: A potential-free CT contact is available.


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uninterrupted power supply