High Resistance LED BAES – High Autonomy

LED Emergency Lighting Units – High Resistance

ELAUL has developed LED emergency lighting units capable of withstanding significant shocks (> 115 G) in order to ensure optimal safety of personnel and operational functions in areas potentially subject to extreme conditions.

These units are of the non-permanent type.

In the presence of the normal power supply, the rectifier-charger provides the current that ensures the charge and maintenance of the associated battery. This is the standby state.

When the normal power supply disappears, the battery restores the energy stored during the charge and provides, alone, the current necessary to turn on the lighting LEDs. This is the operating state.

In operating state, the block can be switched off or on by the push button or by the remote control (if connected).

(Specific product – not certified NF AEAS)

Technical leaflet  User’s manual


modèle 2 LED : 2.1 Kg
modèle 4 LED : 2.4 Kg


modèle 2 LED : 4 h
modèle 4 LED : 6 h


modèle 2 LED : 95 lm
modèle 4 LED : 190 lm


230V 50/60Hz (P+N+T) 6VA


(L) 369 x (l) 102 x (h) 100 mm

Batteries d'accumulateurs

modèle 2 LED : Ni-cd – 7.2V 0.8Ah
modèle 4 LED : Ni-cd – 7.2V 2.5Ah


Corps : fonte d'aluminium
Verrine : polycarbonate