BA137 workshop loader beacon

Aeronautical beacon for mobile lighting

The BA 137 beacon is a portable lamp that can be recharged with an independent workshop charger available in several versions:
for 7 beacons (ref. 49A106460-10)
for 10 beacons (ref. 49A106460-2)
for 12 beacons (ref. 49A106460-7)
for 14 beacons (ref. 49A106460-9)

The standard beacon is rechargeable with a workshop charger and uses a 5W halogen lamp protected by a white or colored glass.

It is waterproof and shockproof.

The BA 137 is equipped with a waterproof Ni-Cd battery of 13,2 V- 8 Ah protected by a thermal bimetallic strip with automatic reset.

Intended for use in aeronautical environment, it has a magnetic pot in its base allowing it to have a strong adherence to the ground if it is put on a metal stud. It thus offers a great resistance to the blast of the aircraft in displacement on the ground.

It can be delivered in option a metal anchoring plate treated anti-corrosion to be fixed on the ground either by stake or by gluing according to the conditions of use.

Also available with 10W halogen bulb.


This material is still available, but we advise for any new equipment to prefer the LED beacon ELAUL BA139.

Attention, the BA139 beacon is not rechargeable on the workshop chargers listed above.

For any question, please contact us.


Hauteur feu seul

260 mm

Hauteur avec poignée

300 mm


4 Kg


16 h

Durée de charge

8 h