BA139 LED Beacon

BA139 LED Beacon

This ELAUL beacon, made up of LEDs and a clear glass, allows a beaconing more adapted to the needs of the users and answers the various requirements of an airport operator.
ELAUL sets the desired intensity at the time of manufacture (to be specified when ordering). It is nevertheless possible to modify this parameter later.
A battery level indicator equips the LED beacon in SI (intensity selection) and Radio versions.
The autonomy is ensured by a waterproof Nickel-Cadmium battery consisting of 11 cylindrical cells, mounted between 2 insulating flanges, with a nominal capacity of 8 Ah, connected in series.
Operation at temperatures between -30 and +45°C.
In radio version the range can be up to 4000 meters.

Technical leaflet

Hauteur feu seul

250 mm

Hauteur avec poignée

300 mm


165 mm



Degré de protection

IP 657

Température ambiante de fonctionnement

de -20°C à +40°C


de 44 à + de 300 heures