Railway and Metro construction site markers


LED lamp, rechargeable thanks to wall chargers from 1 to 6 lamps ELAUL allowing to warn the existence of a construction site or a dangerous zone by a 360° lighting.
With a very robust design, it meets the demanding needs of maintenance teams of tracks, catenaries and railway systems.

This lamp has 3 distinct parts:

The cast aluminum housing contains three sealed Nickel Cadmium battery cells, connected in series, with a nominal capacity of 8Ah.
A contact plate on which a fuse is fixed serves as a connection between the battery terminals and the bottom.
The removable bottom is made of a molded insulating material, equipped with 2 charging pins. This part also serves as a support for a silicon rectifier. The rectifier incorporated in the circuit of the battery prevents the possibility of discharging this one by putting in short-circuit of the studs of load and allows to rectify the current.
This bottom is fixed by two special nuts requiring the use of a special key with 2 lugs
The lighting part is made of a clear cylindrical Fresnel lens and a red LED. It is clamped between a base and a cast aluminum cap by 4 special nuts.

The cap is provided with an eye receiving a suspension hook whose dimensions allow easy carrying by hand.

Available with red or blue LED, or red and blue LED.


Technical leaflet


1.9 Kg


20 h

Temps recharge

16 h

Batterie d'accumulateurs

Ni-cd – 3.6V 8 Ah


Corps : fonte d'aluminium
Verrine : polycarbonate optique

Code BM Rouge


Code BM bleue


Code BM rouge et bleue


Codes chargeurs

1 lampe : 40150015
2 lampes : 40150017
3 lampes : 40150018
4 lampes : 40150019
5 lampes : 40150020
6 lampes : 40150021