JB31T Rechargeable LED Guide Stick

Rechargeable LED light stick JB31T, tricolor with torch – Ref. 38201508

The JB31T rechargeable light stick is delivered complete with battery and a carrying strap. The charger must be ordered in addition, as several models are available.

It is fully equipped with LED. Thanks to a switch, it can light up in white, red or green. The change of signaling color is done instantly.

It has at its end a 1W LED that serves as a torch.

Video of deployment of a floating bridge of the CMIN in which our sticks are used for guidance:


Technical leaflet

User’s manual – JB31T

User’s manual – single loader

User’s manual – multi-loader (5 max.)


583 gr

Autonomie en torche

6 h 30

Temps charge

8 h

Autonomie en signalisation

25 h

Temps de charge

8 h

Batterie d'accumulateurs

Ni-cd 2.4V 4Ah


Manche : 210 mm
Fût lumineux : 242 mm


Manche : ABS
Fût lumineux : Polycarbonate