Rechargeable ELAUL stick with torch JB32T

Rechargeable, three-color, flashlight-functioning JB32T guide stick

The JB32T is delivered complete with battery and carrying strap.

It is fully equipped with LED. It can light up either white, red or green. The color is not changeable in the area, but by the maintenance operator. Colored velcro allows the identification of the selected color without having to turn on the light stick.

It has a power LED at its end that serves as a torch without light pollution on the barrel.

It is used on the flight decks of the naval aviation and some ground bases.

A special JB32T charger has been developed to optimize the recharge. It remains compatible with the classic chargers JB28 or JB31. The charger can be ordered in addition.


Technical leaflet

User’s manual – multi-loader (4 max.)


(L) 395 x (Dia.) 55 mm


545 gr


Manche : plastique résistant – ABS
Fût lumineux : polyamide

Batterie d'accumulateurs

Ni-Mh 2,4V 6Ah


Torche : 6h
Signalisation :
=> LED Rouge : 30 h
=> LED Verte : 60 h
=> LED Blanche : 70 h

Temps de charge

4 h


38201560 – JB32T BLANC – NSN:6230-14-583-4803
38201560-R – JB32T ROUGE – NSN:6230-14-583-4789
38201560-V – JB32T VERT – NSN:6230-14-583-4799
40 150 332 – Chargeur 4 JB32T – NSN:6130-14-583-4801