Helicopter battery charger CHR

Helicopter battery charger type CHR
Nickel-Cadmium batteries type Aviation

These chargers are particularly suitable for charging and maintaining Nickel-Cadmium Aviation batteries.

The essential characteristic of this type of charger is its operation at constant and adjustable intensity, during the time limited by a timer of starting.

The regulation is ensured by a phase control circuit, acting on the control of the thyristors of a mixed rectifier bridge, according to the current variations taken as reference on the shunt.

The charging current applied to the battery is thus kept constant despite variations in the supply network and load.

Electrical characteristics:
– Supply voltage: 230V
– Frequency: 50 Hz
– Use: nominal voltage 1.55V per cell (24V nominal)
– Adjustable current from 0 to 20A
– Adjustable charging time by timer

Technical leaflet

Tension alimentation



50 Hz


H 600mm x L 400mm x P 200mm


36 Kg