Vehicle battery charger

Industrial charger for vehicle batteries

These chargers are particularly adapted to the charge and maintenance of open lead batteries. Already installed on many sites of the Defense Infrastructure (17th RGP and 31st RG for example), as well as in the civil field (Transports Bordeaux Métropole for example), they ensure the maintenance in operational condition of the whole park of the vehicle batteries.

Electrical description :
Power supply by single-phase network 230V 50Hz.
Charging circuit designed for batteries composed of 6 or 12 2V cells
Maximum voltage of 2.35Volts per cell.
Adjustable current from 1A to 125A.
Adjustable charging time by manual timer (from 0 to 12h).
Operating temperature : -20°C to +40°C


165 Kg


(H) 1350 x (L) 800 x (P) 470 mm

Type de produit

uninterrupted power supply