FPM fanlight chargers and LTM headlamp

Rectifier chargers type PCPS, PCP1, PCP2, PCM for Portable Marine Fans (FPM & FPMD)

These charging stations, designed for use on board a ship, in a non-explosive atmosphere, are directly fixed to a vertical wall of the vessel.  They are intended for recharging a portable safety lighting lantern.

Description of the equipment :

Charging principle :

The charger is a bi-regime charger with constant current. The fast charge (or reconstruction charge) is established either when the charging circuit is cut for more than thirty seconds (removal of the equipment) or when the power supply network is cut for more than one minute.
This ensures that the charger does not reset when the mains supply is cut off for a short time.
Depending on the use of the equipment, the fast charge time can be set to 16, 8 or 4 hours by means of a rotary switch.
The fast charge can be interrupted manually by pressing a push button accessible on the front panel, the charger then switches to maintenance mode keeping the battery in a fully charged state.

The charger’s operation is indicated by 3 LEDs on the front panel:
a green LED indicates that the charger is working properly
a yellow LED indicates operation in fast charge mode
a red LED indicates either a charger fault or a break in the charging circuit (removal of the lamp)

Technical leaflet


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