Permanent energy box

Permanent energy box
The Permanent Energy Boxes, of the CEP type, are emergency power supplies built on the association and integration in the same enclosure of a High Frequency Switching Rectifier-Charger and a Lead Acid Battery with gas recombination.

In the presence of the mains, the rectifier-charger simultaneously supplies the current which feeds, permanently, the consumer circuits and ensures the charge and the maintenance in charge of the associated battery.
In case of disappearance of the normal network, the battery restores, without interruption, the energy stored during the charge.
The autonomy of the set is a function of the permanent current consumed in the circuits of use, with regard to the assigned capacity of the associated battery.
Applications: Emergency maintenance of suction cups, fire doors, PLC memories, coils, etc…
The nominal voltages generally used are 12 V, 24 V and 48 V, these are the voltages chosen for the CEP range.
12 V or 6 elements of 2 Volts
24 V or 12 elements of 2 Volts
48 V or 24 elements of 2 Volts
These values correspond to the voltages applied to the circuits at the beginning of discharge.
However, in the presence of the mains, the “floating” voltage applied by the charger to the battery is 2.25V per cell at 20°C.


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