LCD6/4 helmet lamp


The helmet lamps are composed of :

A projector:

The body is made of rubber-filled bakelite, ensuring reinforced solidity. The closing is ensured by a screw CHC M4 whose head is embedded. The front of the projector is protected by a 56 mm diameter tempered glass disc, maintained by a threaded ring in ABS. The headlamp is equipped with an aluminum cover and two LED light sources. The switch-on and switch-off is done by a rotating knob.

A battery of accumulators:

The battery is composed of nickel metal hydride cells. Each element is insulated by a heat-shrinkable sheath and the whole is wrapped in a PVC insulating sheet. The housing is made of Zamak and includes two belt loops. The cable penetrates inside the cover, protected at its entrance by a neoprene sleeve. The connection is made to insulated screw terminals made of galvanized steel, on which the fuse is also located. A neoprene gasket is inserted between the cover and the housing and two neoprene wedges ensure that the battery is locked in the housing. The closure is ensured by 4 CHC M3 screws, recessed heads.
A cable:

The 1.3m long cable consists of 2 insulated 1 mm² conductors coiled around a pull cord. The external sheath is in neoprene. The 2 conductors are provided with insulated lugs at their ends.


Technical leaflet  User’s manual


10 h / 60 h en secours

Temps de charge

8 h environ


Jusqu'à 200 m


IP 68