NF C 13-100 – Auxiliary sources for delivery stations

SAPL (Auxiliary Source for Delivery Station)

NFC 13-100 compliant

In accordance with the requirements of the NFC 13-100 standard, in delivery stations established inside a building and supplied by a 2nd category public distribution network where protection is ensured by an indirect relay, an auxiliary power supply may be necessary to ensure the operation of the protection or power limitation device and the opening of the circuit breaker or the switch-fuse combination.

According to § 534.1 of the standard, a device must be provided which interrupts the operating circuit when the absence of AC voltage is of long duration (> to ½ hour, for example).
The power supplies proposed in this range are in conformity with this destination and with the reference rules and include in particular the device required by the NF C 13-100 standard:
Time limitation of the battery discharge ( 30 minutes, 1 hour, … ).
Restoration, by pressing a push-button, of the output voltage of the power supply.
Use of the additional energy reserve in the battery for restarting.


Technical leaflet

User’s manual

Alimentation secteur

230Vac 50Hz
Biphasée ou Triphasée 400V sur demande


24Vcc – 48Vcc en standard
110Vc – 220Vcc sur demande


Au plomb étanche
Ni-cd ouvert ou plomb ouvert sur demande


Cf. fiche technique
En standard, source pré-équipée d'une diode de couplage pour mise en redondance avec un coffret de même type

Type de produit

uninterrupted power supply