CENTRAL SOURCES 230Vac – Emergency lighting for ERP – NF EN 50171

Emergency lighting inverter – Complies with the EN 50171 standard

The central source of emergency lighting 230Vac / 230Vac ELAUL is composed of :

=> A charger-rectifier
In the presence of the network, it converts the AC voltage into DC allowing to feed the electronic circuit of the inverter and to charge or maintain in charge the battery of the sealed lead accumulators without maintenance.

=> An accumulator battery
This battery provides the necessary energy to allow a correct operation of the inverter, when it detects a lack or an anomaly of the network. Lifetime of the accumulators is more than 10 years.

=> A sinusoidal inverter
The electronic circuit has been designed with a pulse charge modulation system. It corrects the DC voltage given by the rectifier or the accumulator batteries and generates a new sinusoid in low voltage. The output transformer then adapts the operating voltage.

Standard range available up to 6KVA.

Anti-panic” box available as an option.


Technical leaflet

User’s manual

Alimentation secteur

230Vac 50Hz
(autres alimentations en option)


230Vac 50Hz

Batterie d'accumulateurs

Au plomb étanche, à recombinaison des gaz


de type basse fréquence à thyristors
48Vdc ou 110 Vdc en fonction de la puissance


EN 50171 – NFC 71-815

Type de produit

uninterrupted power supply