Hooded marker trailer 60 or 84 lights BA13X ELAUL

RC60BA or RC84BA mobile emergency lighting system

This mobile emergency lighting device is completely covered. It is equipped with 2 aluminium rolling shutters with key lock.

Depending on the model chosen, the trailer is equipped with 60 or 84 autonomous beaconing lights, the ground fixing devices, the integrated charger, and a set of accessories and adapted spare parts.

The trailer allows the transfer of the autonomous runway lights between the workshop where the 230V 50-60Hz power supply is located and the runway on the airfield or airport concerned.

The built-in charger allows the “charging” and “maintenance” of the lights without having to take the lights out of their housing. It is enough to connect the charger to the 230V 50-60 Hz network thanks to the 10 m cable supplied.

The beacons are recharged by contact. No wires to connect, a simple use for a maximum efficiency.



2000 Kg

Charge utile

1000 Kg

Longueur plateau

3200 mm

Largeur plateau

1700 mm

Surface utile

5.4 m2


60 ou 84 feux