Civilian lighting trailer with 30 BA13X lights

R30BA13x Mobile Emergency Lighting System (with integrated charger)

This mobile emergency lighting system consists of a trailer equipped with up to 30 autonomous lights (maximum capacity of the trailer), ground mounting devices, a set of accessories and spare parts and a charger to recharge the lights.

The trailer allows the transfer of the autonomous lights between the workshop and the runway on the airfield or airport concerned. The trailer also allows the transport on the airfields and runways of the autonomous runway lights, their ground fixing device and the various maintenance parts provided for this purpose. It is designed to be towed by vehicles with a trailer-type hitch.

Technical leaflet


en fonction du modèle de feux choisi

Durée charge

8 h charge complète

Nombre de feux

jusqu'à 30 balises BA 137, BA138 ou BA139 ELAUL


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