CENTRAL SOURCES 110Vdc – Emergency lighting for ERP – NF EN 50171

Central sources of direct current AESB 110Vdc

Emergency lighting for ERP/ERT NF EN 50171 (IC 71-815)

They supply your Luminaires for Central Sources (LSC)

Our DC power supplies are usually type B (permanent). A type B power supply is permanent and supplies the emergency lighting circuit during the presence of the mains.
Standard range from 760W to 10 000W – other powers on request.

Depending on the power, these units are available either in a wall-mounted box or in a floor cabinet.

The mains supply is 230 Vac as standard, but it is possible to envisage a mains supply of either 400 V +/- 10% single-phase or three-phase frequency 50 Hz on request.

Characteristics of the battery :
The batteries used in the central sources are made up of lead calcium accumulators with gas recombination. The batteries are designed for an autonomy of 1 hour at full power.

Anti-panic” box available in option.

6 hours autonomy possible on request.

Other voltages possible (220 Vdc) on request.

Possibility of manufacturing central sources of type C (non-permanent) on request.

Technical leaflet  User’s manual

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uninterrupted power supply