For all our products, free shipping and packaging is granted for a minimum order of 900 € excluding taxes, Metropolitan France. Below an amount of 80 € H.T., a fixed amount of 8 € H.T. will be charged to the customer.No return is accepted without prior agreement.In the case of an error in the order of standard material, a participation of 10% will be deducted.The selling prices are always those in effect on the day of delivery. The material travels at the risk of the recipient. It is up to the buyer to notify us in writing within 48 hours in case of complaint. After this period, no claim will be accepted.

Power boxes and cabinets. Equipment NOT PACKAGED ex works.

Establishment of certificate (origin, guarantee, quality, conformity) : 10 € H.T.

In case of cancellation after the ordered material has been manufactured, the costs incurred for this manufacturing process will be invoiced to the customer. If the manufacturing process is completed, the expected price will be invoiced.

By bank transfer at 60 days net or 45 days end of month (LME)
Cash by transfer at the time of order for the first business.


In the event of non-payment of an invoice on its due date, we reserve the right to increase the amount by 10% with a minimum of 40 € (without prejudice to the late payment interest provided for in article 7).
ELAUL can demand or accept special payment terms depending on the economic, legal or financial information in its possession.
The granting of a discount or special terms by ELAUL is subject to the purchaser’s full and unreserved acceptance of the present general terms of sale and more particularly the reservation of ownership.
The purchaser expressly renounces the right to make use of compensation as provided for in article 1289 of the Civil Code. In no case, the customer will be able to deduct from the amount of a payment to be made the value of a refund or a credit to which he could be entitled, without being in possession of a credit note fixing the amount of the refund or the credit.
Any failure to pay the price in full or in part by the agreed due date shall automatically and without prior notice give rise to the payment of late interest calculated on the basis of one and a half times the legal interest rate applied to the unpaid part of the price and running from the due date to the date of actual collection of the price.
All costs incurred by the return of an unpaid draft as well as all collection costs of any kind incurred by ELAUL to obtain payment of the debt, will be charged to the buyer.
Penalty for late payment: 1.5% per month. Any payment prior to the contractual date may benefit from a discount negotiated at the time of ordering.
We reserve the right, in the course of a contract, to ask for just cause, if necessary, the guarantees of payment which we judge necessary and in the absence of which the contract could be cancelled and cancelled without formal notice, summons or cancellation by justice, by simple registered letter, and this, without compensation; we will have the same right if the purchaser fails to pay at one of the due dates.
In case of accepted return, our company will be able to choose either to replace or to repair or to credit the price of the defective material. However, no credit note will give rise to a refund.
We reserve the property of the delivered goods until full payment of the sale price, the risks of the goods being however incumbent on the purchaser as soon as they are made available. We shall be entitled to repossess the goods delivered by right in all cases of non-compliance with a deadline, and according to the procedures provided for by the law of 12.10.80 in the event of the customer’s bankruptcy.

Our conditions of sale are implicitly accepted by our customers. In case of dispute for France, the courts of MONTAUBAN are only competent.

1 year warranty, under normal conditions of installation and use. This warranty includes the supply of parts that ELAUL recognizes as defective and the necessary technical assistance for their replacement. No returns to the factory will be made without the prior agreement of ELAUL. The warranty does not provide for a technician to be sent to the site. The guarantee excludes any penalty or compensation for material or immaterial damage.

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