Rechargeable guide stick JB29

Rechargeable baton JB29 compatible with night vision goggles
Code : 38 201 360

The light element is an electroluminescent sheet powered by a DC/AC converter.
This light stick is compatible with the use of light amplification systems. Due to its design, it eliminates the saturation effect usually encountered with the use of incandescent lighting.
The use of this technology completely eliminates the maintenance operations related to the replacement of bulbs.

Switch: 3 position waterproof slide switch plus a Morse code push button
Recharging time : 8h with PGA 2B 230V-50/60Hz or 115V-50/60Hz charger (code : 40 155 006 and 40 155 006M)
Video of deployment of a floating bridge of the company CNIM in wh

ich our sticks are used for guidance:


Technical leaflet


400 mm


450 gr


6 h en régime permanent

Temps de recharge

8 h avec chargeur PGA 2B 230V-50/60Hz ou 115V-50/60Hz