Portable marine lantern FPM

Portable marine lantern FPM

The portable lanterns type FPM are intended to ensure the emergency lighting in semi-fixed or in beaconing on board of the surface ships and the submarines.

They are mainly placed on load stations fixed to the vertical walls located in the passageways (gangways), in the main rooms, or on simple hanging stations.

The lanterns are used as portable autonomous lamps by the security personnel in all the premises.

The basic charger for this device is the PCPS charging board (115Vac 50/60Hz). Other models of charging boards are available in this voltage.

A new generation of FPM is available: LED, ATEX or non-ATEX. A 230Vac 50/60Hz charger is available for this new generation.

User’s manual – FPM  User’s manual – charging panel


1.2 Kg


7 h 30 à 20°C

Ampoule principale

3.75V 0.9A Krypton

Ampoule secondaire

4V 0.5A

Batterie d'accumulateurs

3.6V Ni-Cd 8Ah


124 x 201 x 73mm